My Prep Year wows Australian schools

Just checked the stats for My Prep Year: The Trip. WOW! Thanks to all those who recommended it: Number 1 Ibooks education category (Australian Charts) 3 days ago and currently sitting at number 8. Thanks to everyone.

Australian Curriculum Resource - My Prep Year - Spelling Words

My Prep Year: Spelling words is a collection of the most common high frequency words that are learnt during the foundation years of schooling, Prep Year. My Prep Year: Spelling words includes spelling activities for prep teachers and parents. Take advantage of iBooks note taking and record what your children are having problems with in each level. Digital resource for the australian curriculum

Australian Curriculum Resource - My Prep Year: The Trip

Australian Curriculum resource for ipad just released from Paul Hamilton. My Prep Year: The Trip is is a picture book based on the Australian Curriculum: Foundation Year. My Prep Year: The Trip contains beautiful illustrations, reading comprehension activities, interactive models and embedded video. However, it is the use of the note taking tools and record keeping structures that sets this ebook apart from the crowd. It also contains groups of spelling words from the text.


"this looks very useful" and "I can see myself recommending it to others"
Assessment Guru Dylan Willaim

Formative Assessment - Educational App tutorial 2

Educational app - Formative Feedback for Learning tutorial 2.
Looks at how to use the message in a bottle icon to give constructive feedback. In this case a musical tutor is giving her student some constructive feedback using the formative feedback for learning app.